We organise tours through India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. Take your pick from the collection of destinations we have and we will organise a memorable journey for you.






When a place has a slogan called ” Gods own country ” you expect beauty at its very best and that’s what you get in this stunning tropical paradise. Discover a thousand shades of green,  indulge in some freshly caught seafood, visit tea and spice plantations, laze on beaches watching the sunset.. Read more   



Wayanad is a hilly district in northern Kerala situated on the Western Ghats. With an altitude ranging from 700 to 1200 meters above sea level, Wayanad is packed with scenic beauty. It’s an ideal place for nature and adventure lovers with the topography ranging from sub tropical savannas, evergreen forests .. Read more





Ladakh & Kashmir

A journey to Ladakh & Kashmir is a Himalayan experience at its best. Pine forests, rolling meadows and serene lakes against the backdrop of snow capped mountains in Kashmir Valley along with the Kashmiri Wazwan – a multi course meal are some of the major attractions in the Kashmir valley.. Read more




bhutan monks


Travelling through the mystical Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is a rare pleasure. Colorful religious festivals complete with mask dances and monks, numerous monasteries and dzongs ever smiling, friendly and simple people, small villages along stream sides and valleys.. Read more





South East Asia

South East Asia is one of the most visited tourist regions in the world and its for good reason. Cheap stay and food options, diverse and abundance of sites and activities and helpful people make South East Asia one of the most preferred destination across the world.. Read more





Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has endless beaches and world heritage sites, friendly people and tasty food, wildlife and rain-forests, surfing and whale watching, train rides through rolling hills, waterfalls and tea gardens. With so many things to do and see all packed in such a small country, distances are.. Read more





Nepal is a true Himalayan kingdom, sharing Everest, the worlds highest mountain and seven more above 8,000m peaks. Wedged between the high Himalayas on the north and dense jungles and plains on the south, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monks.. Read more  




North East India

One of the least explored yet most beautiful region of India is the farthest states in the North Eastern part of India. Sharing borders with 5 countries, these remote frontiers are places of rugged natural beauty, tribal cultures and people, dramatic landscapes and exotic cuisines.. Read more






Travelling through Rajasthan is like walking through a kaleidoscope. Everywhere you look, colors dance before your eyes—from saris drying on riverbeds to the sunsets of Udaipur, from the spice market in Jodhpur to the blue houses in the old quarters of Jodhpur. In this land of.. Read more




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